SAA a nationally recognized design school, offers a private 2-year or Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design, web design, illustration and computer animation. They’re located in Dayton, Ohio. I worked full-time as a Web design/development instructor at SAA college. Not only was it my job to teach, but also to maintain the web presence. I and my fellow colleague only saw it fitting to leverage the flexibility of WordPress as our CMS of choice. We were able to offer up new registration forms, optimize the content for search, and prime other employees to help maintain the content. It proved to be a huge success for SAA and much of that foundation laid continues today!

My role included strategy, front-end development, UX and UI design.


star 2011 GDUSA Design Award for SAA website

star 2011 Silver Addy for Interactive Media-Consumer HTML

star 2011 CSCA recognition for SAA website design/development




Designer at an HMO Company. Mobile, Web.