In 2009, I started RUBYHAUS Design later incorporating it in 2011. Back when I was CEO, it was a creative solutions firm that broadly offered services in both print and digital space. Then under new co-ownership in 2013 we repositioned it, as simply RUBYHAUS, a web design/development and hosting “house”. We built and maintained projects on both UNIX, Windows and Windows. AlpacaNation was the first to tryout the new system and proved to be a huge success! RUBYHAUS continues to this day and is still going strong!

As for the RUBYHAUS website. It is fully custom and responsive. Simple and effective. It is mostly a 1 page scrolling site, except for the “Hosting/Client Login” sections.

My role included CEO, strategy, creative direction, front/back-end development, print design, UX and UI design.



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